Kaleidoscope Featured in UrbanDaddy | 11.05.10

Chef Joey Riley and Kaleidoscope were featured today on UrbanDaddy. Full text below and brand new photography!

Worlds Kaleid
Give a Chef a Kitchen

Published on November 5, 2010 on UrbanDaddy


You know the chef type.

You can teach them to sous-vide a duck blindfolded in New York. Hone their knife skills in Thailand. Even put them behind the wheel of, say, the Buckhead Diner for six years. But give them their own place…

And they’ll pretty much do whatever the hell they want.

Case in point: Kaleidoscope Bistro & Pub, a laid-back new spot in Brookhaven helmed by chef Joey Riley, brazenly blurring the line between pimento burgers and hamachi crudo, now preparing for a very quiet soft-opening late next week.

You’ve probably gathered by now, but this place is basically up for anything, foodwise. So as you step inside from the cold (yes, Mother Nature pulled a ninja on us this year), you’ll find yourself in the midst of dark knotty pine, soft lighting and a shiny black granite bar. Smoke screen…

Because what lies beneath this semi-formal (looking) scenario is a carefully curated hodgepodge of icy craft beer, duck fat pub fries with bacon mayonnaise and Spicy Berkshire Pork Rinds. In other words, a no-strings-attached kind of night.

Of course, should you choose to take advantage of your surroundings for, say, a second date, you’ll find ample opportunity at one of the bare-bones butcher block tables with a bottle of red and some ahi tartare or a Sage Roasted Pork Loin with brussels and pancetta.

And a little tip: you may want to stash a few bottles of vino in the trunk, because with or without the liquor license, the doors are opening soon, and that may mean BYOB.

Pork rinds wait for no one.

Worlds Kaleid

Give a Chef a Kitchen…